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Personal Development + Technology = Aayus

Aayus Life in conjunction with BENT Software have created a user friendly system that removes distraction, organizes your intentions, provides you with the all the tools and the focus you need to succeed with your personal development.

Why Aayus Life

For years, the founders of Aayus Life have been studying the wisdom and methods of most of the gurus from Dale Carnegie to Tony Robbins, to the latest crop of gurus who are forging ahead with the latest ideas but are too numerous to name except of course the incredible Mindvalley organization.

We respect them all.

We have been evaluating the differences as to how these individuals broke through their personal blocks and are now manifesting their dreams yet so many keep struggling.

After all, most, if not all have amazing rags to 7 figure income stories to tell.

These individuals must have pushed the envelope to near breakpoint and come to the conclusion that whatever method they used to move forward they must have add a few extra ingredients.

Incredible mindfulness, focus, determination, consistency, persistence and a never give up attitude.


It can be a lonely road and it is possible that our friends and family do not want to or are unable to understand our focus and determination to accomplish our dreams.

On many occasions life simply gets in the way and we lack the time and the energy to follow through on our dreams. This is the modern life today and it is tough to keep our resolve however well intentioned.


Through new technology we have developed a method that takes away that feeling of being alone, It gets you on track and keeps you on track with whatever learning system you have chosen to follow.

Any system that you feel is right for you is great. From different ways of thinking to meditation, numerology astrology, NLP, destiny tuning, brain implanting, journal writing etc At Aayus Life we humanize technology and add the missing link.


When we cram for an exam, we tend to find it difficult or even impossible to remember the subject verbatim. However, when we find really important sections of the information we need to remember and use a highlighter to mark the sections we effectively cut down the amount of information we need to remember. When we remember the highlighted section a trigger (reminder) is pulled and allows us to remember a large portion of the subject.

The Aayus Life system will allow you to do just that.

Once you have entered your triggers the system will automatically remind you of them without any more effort from you at the times you choose.



The road to failure is paved with good intentions.

Being clear with yourself and the universe about what you want is a vital part of your journey. The goal planner and tracker is the tool that guides you towards your goals and helps you stay on the path you have chosen. Unlike many complicated systems you just enter your goals and the steps you need to take to achieve your dreams


Increasing your vibrational frequency is about being mindful. Mindfulness is an "every minute" of the day activity. But for most of us who live normal lives it can be difficult to remember to "check-in" as we go about our daily activities. The system will remind you to check-in and check your vibration as often as you want just as your alarm clock wakes you up at the time you set.


In order to get a good idea of how to get to your goals, you first need to assess your current reality. We have developed a module that helps you get a great view of your life today. This will help you while you journey to your goals by tracking your progress from now on.


Being diligent about writing down your thoughts and what you are grateful for is an easy and essential step for many so we have included a journal section for those who wish to keep journals.

Writing in journals helps to clear negative energy as you can work out your problems and keep focused on what is important in your life.

Journals include, morning journal, gratitude journal, forgiveness journal and the resolution journal (where you can resolve "problems" in a positive way.)


Can be difficult in our hectic lives but it doesn't have to be a chore. In fact the more simple and enjoyable you make it the more success you have in raising your vibrational frequency and creating a positive space for you to realize your dreams. We have many guided, and un-guided meditations and will remind you if for some reason you forget. Even if you only have 5 to 10 minutes... it can make a huge difference.


Our system is interactive not just information.

The system is there to remind you to take time to check-in with Vibe Tracker and all the other tools at your disposal. If you feel negative energy starting to creep into your space you can use the system to clear those feelings and replace them with new positive feelings.

The system is ever evolving so expect more from your personal support system.

Let us help you to become Mindfull and stay Mindfull.

The Formula

Knowledge + Experience + Passion + Practice = SUCCESS


Understanding your current reality is in relation to where you want to be is an important piece of the puzzle. Spending time studying and continuing to learn is an excellent way to keep you focused on what is important. Understanding yourself is the method you can use to measure your personal progress.


When following through on the actions, the wins that you experience create a space for motivation. When you feel that you are on top of the world because of the work you have done and the goals that you have accomplished you will have a feeling that you want to hold on to.


Following what you are passionate about turns tasks into rewards. Having passion for the journey to a successful life will turn the actions into enjoyable positive habits which is what will ultimately raise your energy and gives you what you want in all areas of your life.


The actions taken on a daily basis that create the space for your success. Only through practice can we train our minds to remove negative thoughts automatically and replace then with positive intentions, thoughts and actions. Practice makes perfect!

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